LM2S / Notre Expertise Equipement Industriel

Industrial equipment

Professionals of the industrial sector, it is at your side that LM2S was built and designed its services.

Our logistics management is global: LM2S offers storage and transport solutions with the flexibility of a late departure and availability everywhere in France on D+1.

Your logistic priorities :

  1. Reliable round-trip transport with an integrated supply chain
  2. Impeccable traceability
  3. Controlled processes

LM2S offers a global solution that meets your priorities:

  1. Reliable round-trip transport with an integrated supply chain
    • Innight delivery guaranteed from 8am, anywhere in France thanks to our own transport plan and our network of strategically located partners
    • A performance transport of +99%
    • Collections and late departures (10pm) from our National Hub in Garonor (Île-de-France 93)
    • Rationalisation of your just-in-time flows with the management of your parts in our FSLs throughout France: outbounding in 2 /4 hours is thus possible 365/24/7 ;
    • Management of defective products and management of the reverse to your stocks with tracking.
  1. Impeccable traceability
    • Real-time traceability thanks to our 100% reliable tracking tool
    • Texte messages sent when your parts are made available

3.Controlled processes
• Daily and monthly reports that can be consulted independently on our tracking tools
Customer service available 24/7 by phone and email

  1. The strengths of LM2S
    Optimisation of schedules: your engineer organizes his day as early as possible
    • Your stocks are not unnecessarily immobilized which means a reduction of more than 30% of the parts of the same references and a drastic reduction of the risk of obsolescence of your parts
    • LM2S offers you the possibility to manage your stock centrally
    Collection of your parts anywhere in France and Europe with same day departure for delivery on the day before 8am