LM2S / Notre Expertise High Tech

High-tech industries

You need reliable, flexible and fast routing for spare parts for your high value-added products.

LM2S has designed its services and its network of partners to meet this demand: we know how to deliver your parts before 8am on the next day with a quality of routing at +99%.

Your logistic priorities :
1. The control of your stocks and your incoming and outgoing flows
2. The optimisation of your processes
3. Emergency management

LM2S offers a global solution that meets your priorities:

1.The control of your stocks and your incoming and outgoing flows
• Your parts are guaranteed to be available from 8am, anywhere in France;
• Traceability in real time with SMS transmitted at the availability of your parts;
• Optimization of schedules: your technician organizes his day as early as possible;
• Management of defective products and reverse.

2.The optimization of your processes
• LM2S solutions allow you to limit the value of your spare parts inventory; eliminate leases and costs related to technician sites; improve the return of your parts to your inventory.

The planning of technicians is facilitated and optimized: management support tool, reduction of intervention postponements to 99%.

• A network of partners throughout France with +180 agencies located in the heart of the economic basins.

3.Emergency management for quick and efficient response
• A night delivery in light vehicles with a late departure (10pm) from our Parisian hub for a delivery before 8am the next day making possible the intervention at D+1.
• Our FSL allow you to manage your stocks anywhere in France with H2/H4 destocking 365/24/7.

4 The strenghts of LM2S
• An irreproachable traceability thanks to our tracking tool
• A customer service available 24/7 by phone and email
• Reduction of technician inventory
• LM2S offers you the possibility to manage your stock centrally
Pick-up of your parts anywhere in France and Europe with same day departure