Your spare parts are available on the next day from 8am.

PUDO®, “Pick Up, Drop Off”  is our logistics excellence solution dedicated to field engineers of the retail, medical, craft and industrial sectors and more generally to the service of on-site maintenance…

PUDO® is a unique service: we are able to make your parts available as early as 8am on the next day at 180 delivery points throughout France, with departure from our hub at 10pm.

Our experience and expertise, combined with our network of partners and our LMline tracking technology, guarantee us a routing quality of +99%.

Choosing PUDO® means mastering from A to Z the routing of your spare parts until their availability from 8am on D+1 and thus, save time on the break&fix services and increase the productivity of your field engineers

PUDO® efficiency
• Immediate care oy your parcels with a innight delivery in light vehicles;
• Departure at 10pm from our (National Hub/warehouse) in Garonor (Ile de France 93);
• Your parcel is made available on the next day from 8am throughout France;
• A 99% SLA and a customer service available for you 24/7.

PUDO®, how does it works?

  • 01. Your package in our hub on the 1st day.

  • FSL

    02. Delivery of your parcel on D+1 pre 8am.


    03. A real time alert.

  • LM2S / Mise à disposition

    04. Available from 8am.

PUDO® traceability and security :
• Scanning of key stages and GPS tracking of the routing of your parcels with our LM line tracking technology
• Track & Trace. Full visibility and live notifications ;
• Manned Handover of your parcel after scanning your LM2S badge.

Services available at our PUDO® :
• Personalized delivery from 8am by a dedicated contact person ;
• A wide opening hours (8am to 6pm on weekdays; on-call on Saturday morning) ;
• The possibility to use various services (high-speed wifi, meeting rooms with appointment, food and drink vending machines).

PUDO® optimization & advantages:
• An optimized rate thanks to the mutualization of our partner network ;
• Timed and synchronized processes to allow you to go to work quickly ;
• Reverse logistics management with traceability and transfer of responsibility to Repairers and/or central stocks ;
• The modification of the assignment of your technicians at any time ;
• A monthly report of your technicians’ activities.

A dense, local network :
• 180 collection points, easily accessible and strategically located ;
• National coverage in all metropolitan departments ;
• Availability as close as possible to your service locations.

Why LM2S?

Thanks to our years of experience, we have the ability to respond with reactivity and accuracy to your issues, to your emergencies, everywhere in France, just in time.

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • FSL
    Available before 8 am
  • LM2S / Réseau étendu
    Delivery throughout France
  • LM2S / Securite
    Security & Quality
  • LM2S / Sur Mesure
    Tailor-made service
  • LM2S / Tracking
    Tracking & tracing

PUDO® advantages

  • Financial benefits:

    • Compliance with service and maintenance contract commitments ;
    • Elimination of lease contract, taxes and rentals linked to technical sites ;
    • Improved availability of repaired equipment ;
    • Optimization of the schedule of technicians ;
    • Centralized management to limit the value of spare parts inventories.

  • Operational benefits:

    • Possibility to change the assignment of a job without compromising your supply chain ;
    • practical Tool to assist in regional and national management ;
    • No more delayed jobs : 99% guarantee.

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