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Dedicated solution and maximum flexibility for XEROX

Client Challenge

Search for a partner capable of:

• Deploy a global solution including storage, order preparation, product management returns via our integrated distribution network.

• Provide maximum flexibility on volumes processed to manage Xerox’s just-in-time supplies

• Propose innovative solutions and support Xerox in its logistical evolution needs

Performed services

Warehousing and production
• Receiving, checks, stock management, planning
• Order picking
• Co-packing on eco-box requirements

Reverse logistics
• Returns processing and qualification

Reporting management

Key figures

Multi-client site Aulnay sous Bois
• 1,400 m² fixed
• 10,000 orders on average / month
• 4,000 eco-boxes manufactured on average / month
• 2 teams: day + evening

Client benefits

• Flexibility in relation to the strong change in volumes
• Reactivity: just-in-time management
• A single point of contact for all services provided