• LM2S
    LM2S has been accompanying its customers for 15 years from the upstream transport of their equipment within our platforms to the provision of their parts as close as possible to their technical intervention sites. We propose a panel of services (PUDO®, FSL, PFP, SWAP) adapted to all types of sectors (industry, retail, automotive, health) and spare part logistics problems.
    LM Network offers a night service, delivery on D+1 pre 8am to fixed points, with (counters) or without physical persons (airlocks). It is a reliable and efficient network relying on a type of -3T5 vehicles, whose delivery times are guaranteed on D+1 pre 8am all over France, with a GPS tracking and a traceability of the parcels in real time.
  • PUDO®
    The PUDO® for "Pick Up Drop Off" is our logistic solution dedicated to itinerant technicians in all sectors of activity: retail, medical, industry, automotive, crafts, ... We allow the provision of spare parts for your technicians on more than 180 points located throughout France from the next day at 8am, and this with a late departure the day before at 10pm.
  • FSL
    FSL for Field Stock Location is the solution that enables you to solve your logistical emergencies in the event of a GRT (Guaranteed Recovery Time) in 2 hours/4 hours anywhere in France. With a network of more than 40 storage points, strategically located throughout France and available 365/24/7, we enable you to have spare parts available within 30 minutes or in urgent rush orders.
  • PFP
    The PFP, Proximity Platform, is our tailor-made and agile storage solution. With a network of more than 180 storage points, strategically positioned in the heart of economic basins and easy to access, your technicians and sales representatives can manage the dedicated storage area completely independently. Our customer service, available 365/24/7, will help you to size your storage area.
  • CSI
    The CSI for Customer Site Innight is our tailor-made logistic solution : your technicians, sales agents, from all sectors of activity have their spare parts in hand before 9 am directly in their agencies. CSI is a unique service proposed by LM2S: we are able to deliver your parts before 9am the next day directly to your agency, and this, in all France.
  • HUB Logistics
    Thanks to its more than 4,000 m2 of secure premises located at the gates of Paris (GARONOR, Aulnay-sous-Bois), our logistics hub is our central warehouse dedicated to all our activities. A real asset in our integrated supply chain, we store and prepare spare parts for our customers' orders thanks to a 24/7 operational team.
  • SWAP, standard exhange
    SWAP, standard on-site exchange, is our value-added service dedicated to the management or maintenance of your computer and electronic products. Our technical operators, trained by us according to your specifications, intervene for a resolution and return of your defective parts within 24/48 hours.
  • LMLine
    LMLine is our internal IT tool which has enabled us to manage all our dedicated solutions with agility and responsiveness for 15 years: PUDO®, FSL, PFP, SWAP. Designed by an R&D team and in continuous evolution, LMLine is an ergonomic interface adapted to the LM2S customer journey.
  • TMS / WMS
    A TMS for Transport Management System is the IT management and optimisation tool for the logistics chain. A TMS software controls and optimises the transport process, offering control of flows, costs and the time required to transport goods from the shipper to the recipient. A WMS or Warehouse Management System is a computer software dedicated to the optimisation of stock management within warehouses. A WMS software allows companies to benefit from a real time knowledge of the state of their stocks, a better traceability of the products and an optimization of the surfaces...
  • 24/7 Customer Service
    The customer service department is the point of entry for our customers and our subcontracting partners for any question relating to the business. Our teams are involved in all our solutions: from logistics needs to the administrative and commercial management of our customers. Our customer service team can be reached 24/7 by e-mail, or by telephone (toll-free number), or by ticketing via the LMLine tool, and will answer you in French or English.
  • Partners
    With 250 independent partners located in all departments, our network is the foundation of our strength and reliability and allows us to offer our customers a range of dedicated services, a constantly evolving B2B network and a delivery quality of +99%. Each partner, selected on the basis of strict criteria (geographical location, logistics experience and quality/reliability of its structure) is in direct and constant contact with our coordinators.
  • Coordinators
    The management of our partners is carried out as close as possible to the activity of our clients. Our coordinators located throughout France are responsible for monitoring and control through regular telephone contact and continuous evaluation of our clients' specifications and procedures.
  • ESLA
    ESLA (European Service Logistics Association) enables us to offer our customers Night-Express solutions throughout most of Europe. ESLA members are among the market leaders in the field of Night-Express services in their countries, with national expertise, many years of experience and a dense network to offer the best pan-European solutions.