All our logistical skill at your service

Responsiveness is crucial key to manage any emergency, especially if your contracts require a GRT (Guaranteed Recovery Time) in 2h / 4h everywhere in France. To efficiently help you fix your emergencies, we have developed the FSL service: Field Stock Location.

FSL is our logistics solution that allows you to win the time trial. From the processing of your call to the handover at your customer’s site or the provision of your spare part to your technician: everything is calibrated and meticulous.

The FSL service is national with a network of more than 40 storage points, strategically located throughout France to respond in 2h / 4h, they operate 365/24/7.

The FSL is also the combination of our skills and our innovations: with a simple call to our customer service, we can react at any time and remove one or more of your parts in only 30 minutes.

Two options adapt to your emergency :
1. Your order prepared within 30 minutes at any FSL location;
2. A sameday drive from any FSL location.

The tracking is monitored from start to finish since each step is recorded and can be accessed in real time thanks to our LMLine technology.

When you choose our FSL service, you benefit from a remote logistics service that is 100% manage by LM2S.

The location of our sites, the reactivity of our teams and the follow-up of each step are at the service of your satisfaction and the success of your order.

In addition, this solution allows a rapid measurable financial optimization thanks to our FSL service.

Thanks to the FSL :
You avoid overstocking with your regional field engineers. The probability that your engineers in the same region need the same reference number on the same day is almost zero;
• Your stocks assets are adjusted. By working hand in hand with our FSL customers, we have reduced more than 30% their stock assets;
• The risk that this spare part becomes obsolete is considerably reduced or even at zero.

FSL, how does it works?

  • LM2S / Hub

    01. Your package in our hub in late cut off.

  • 02. Our customer service is at your service 24/7.

  • LM2S / Pieces

    03. Destocking of your spare part in 30 minutes.

  • LM2S / Mise a disposition

    04. Provision of the part as close as possible to your work site.

The FSL reactivity:
• Customer service available 24/7
• More than 40 operational storage areas 365/24/7
• Your spare part made available in 30 minutes in the FSL or delivered sameday at your customer site

The safety and accessibility FSL:
• A fully secure and easy-to-access site
• A dedicated storage area
• Secured transactions with scans

The FSL traceability:
• Our LMLine technology at your service for real-time monitoring of all operations
• Real time text information when part is picked up at the FSL counter
• Follow-up call for the sameday drive service

The FSL expertise:
• Logistics specialists accustomed to manage serial numbers
• Experienced stock managers
• An experienced control tower to provide options

The generated economy by the FSL solution:
• Less spare parts stored and / or immobilized unnecessarily in one place
• Faster advanced inventory reports
• Easy identification of obsolete spare parts and their return

A dense and local network

The FSL proximity:
• More than 40 storage locations, strategically located for your GRT intervention in 2h / 4h
• A very dense national coverage in all metropolitan departments
• The possibility of carrying out a sameday drive to deliver your spare parts anywhere

Why LM2S?

Thanks to our years of experience, we know how to respond with reactivity and accuracy to your issues, to your emergencies, everywhere in France, in record-time.

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • FSL
    Available before 8 am
  • LM2S / Réseau étendu
    Delivery throughout France
  • LM2S / Securite
    Security & Quality
  • LM2S / Sur Mesure
    Tailor-made service
  • LM2S / Tracking
    Tracking & tracing