A standard exchange validated by a functional test

SWAP, or technical courier, is our value-added service dedicated to the management or maintenance of our customers’ IT and electronic products.

In order to respect our customers’ specifications, we capitalise on our transport service and on our partners’ platforms (185 throughout France ) which enable technical couriers to receive parts pre 8 am on NBD.

On D+1, as soon as the part is received, our Customer Service takes over and organises the intervention with one of our technical couriers.

Our operators, trained by us according to specifications predefined with our customers, are able to intervene very quickly and resolve either a standard replacement or a technical incident depending on the level of service required.

At the end of the intervention, our technical operator carries out a run test and immediately sends a report to our Customer Service.

We offer several levels of technical ability according to our customers’ specifications:

SWAP efficiency :
• Immediate handling with a night-time delivery in a light vehicle;
• Departure at 10 pm on D-Day from our National Hub in Garonor (Île de France 93);
• Your replacement part available from 8 am on D+1 throughout France;
• A 99% performance delivery and a Customer Service available for you 24/7;
• Quick intervention by an experienced technical operator, for a resolution within 24 to 48 hours, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

SWAP: How does it works ?

  • LM2S / Hub

    01. DAY: Your package in our hub in late cut off

  • LM2S / Rdv client

    02. D+1: Receipt of your part on our PUDO® and customer appointment

  • LM2S / SWAP

    03. D+2: Intervention & standard exchange

  • LM2S / Retour defectueux

    04. D+3/4: Return of your processed/defective products

SWAP optimisation & benefits :
• Timed and synchronised processes for rapid intervention;
•Trained technical operators available throughout the country;
• Reverse management with traceability.

Traceability and SWAP security:
• A scan at each key step and GPS tracking of the transport with our LM line tracking technology;
• Appointment for the intervention ensured by our Customer Service on D+1;
• A post-intervention report.

Why LM2S ?

Fortified by our years of experience, we know how to respond with reactivity and accuracy to your issues, to your emergencies, everywhere in France, in record time.

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • FSL
    Available before 8 am
  • LM2S / Réseau étendu
    Delivery throughout France
  • LM2S / Securite
    Security & Quality
  • LM2S / Sur Mesure
    Tailor-made service
  • LM2S / Tracking
    Tracking & tracing

SWAP's benefits

  • Economic benefits:

    • Financial gain: intervention by a technical operator and not a technician employee;
    • Optimisation of your technicians who can concentrate on high added value interventions;
    • Optimisation of the planning of the technicians;
    • Respect of service and maintenance contract commitments;
    • Improving the availability of repaired equipment.

  • Operational benefits:

    • Our technical operators and our Customer Service manage the entire intervention;
    • Possibility to change the assignment of an intervention without compromising your supply chain;
    • National coverage of the service.