Your agile and flexible storage solution.

To meet the flexibility you need in terms of your stock Locations, we have developed the PFP service, for Proximity Platforms.

PFP is our tailor-made and agile storage solution. PFP is a network of 180 storage points, strategically located and easy to access.

PFP is an innovative solution that gives you 100% autonomy : you manage your storage area, you upgrade your area, you manage your stocks, free access to your stock locations.

Our dedicated PFP teams controls the deliveries (visual & qualitative & quantitative checks), make the necessary reservations and ensure an optimised layout of your dedicated area. Our teams can also manage your stocks and the consumption of your mobile workers.

PFP is the adaptable solution to your field needs, your roll out projects or advertising-promotional operations (POS storage, technical replenishment, roll out storage needs).
Choosing PFP means benefiting from local qualitative storage while being fully independent on your surfaces and their variation.

PFP, how does it works ?

  • LM2S / PFP

    01. Sales people, technicians or deployment operators.

  • LM2S / PFP

    02. Over 180 storage points.

  • LM2S / PFP

    03. A dedicated storage area with self-service management.

  • LM2S / PFP

    04. A 360° service.

The efficiency of a PFP :
• A storage area as close as possible to your needs in one of our 180 storage locations;
• Your stock available in self-service, that is to say in complete autonomy, without needing to set an appointment;
• Customer service at your service 24/7.

The security and agility of a PFP:
• A fully secure storage area ;
• A modular area in a dry and clean environment;
• A flexible solution that allows you to adjust your surface according to your needs (reduction or increase of the surface).

The accessibility of a PFP :
• Autonomous access with access control upon presentation of your badge;
• A wide range of opening hours (8 am to 6 pm weekdays);
• The possibility of using logistics (non-motorized handling equipment) and practical (high-speed wifi) services, meeting rooms, drinks and food dispensers).

The optimization of a PFP :
• An optimized price: only the storage area is invoiced;
• A qualitative check and quantity of the reception of your products by our stock manager;
• The waste management of your products;
• We manage the stocks to monitor usage and transfer certain less used products to consuming regions. Thus, it is not necessary to ask your suppliers for replenishment.

A dense and local network

The proximity PFP:
• 180 storage areas throughout the territory, easy to access and strategically located;
• Very dense national coverage in all metropolitan departments;
• A storage area at the point closest to your needs.

Why LM2S?

Thanks to our years of experience, we know how to respond with reactivity and accuracy to your issues, to your emergencies, everywhere in France, in record-time.

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • FSL
    Available before 8 am
  • LM2S / Réseau étendu
    Delivery throughout France
  • LM2S / Securite
    Security & Quality
  • LM2S / Sur Mesure
    Tailor-made service
  • LM2S / Tracking
    Tracking & tracing