Your spare parts delivered before 8:00 am on D+1 directly to your agencies.

To meet your needs and facilitate your interventions, we have imagined, developed and implemented a personalised service: CSI for “Customer site innight”.

CSI is our tailor-made logistics solution : your engineers – in the retail, medical, craft and industrial sectors and more generally for on-site maintenance – receive their spare parts before 8:00 am directly in their agencies.

CSI is a unique service : only us are able to deliver your parts before 8am on the next day directly to your agencies throughout France.

Our experience and expertise, combined with our network of partners and our LMline tracking technology, guarantee a quality of delivery of +99%.

Choosing CSI means mastering from A to Z the routing of your spare parts until they are delivered to the branch before 8am to D+1, thus saving a considerable amount of time on the resolution of your intervention and increasing the productivity of your engineers.

CSI efficiency :
– Immediate handling with in-night delivery by light vehicle;
– Departure at 10 pm on D-Day from our National Hub in Garonor (Ile de France 93);
– Your product is delivered to the branch before 8am on D+1 in France;
– A 99% delivery performance and a Customer Service available 24/7.

CSI, how does it work?

  • LM2S / Hub

    01. Your package in our hub in late cut off.

  • LM2S / Livraison

    02. We deliver your package on D+1 before 8am.


    03. Your technician is alerted in real time.

  • LM2S / Mise a disposition

    04. Available from 8am.

Delivery directly to the agency throughout the country :
• A delivery in France by night, before 8 am;
• Your parcels dropped off at the agency (the key of your room being given to the carrier beforehand);
• The engineer is alerted in real time of the delivery of the part.

CSI traceability and security :
• Scanning at key stages and GPS tracking of the delivery with our LM line tracking technology;
• The sending of a text message in real time as soon as your parcels are delivered to your branch.

CSI optimisation & advantages:
• Optimised rates thanks to the pooling of our network of partners;
• Timed and synchronised processes to enable you to intervene quickly;
• Delivery directly to your branch, which saves time;

Why LM2S?

Thanks to our years of experience, we know how to respond with reactivity and accuracy to your issues, to your emergencies, everywhere in France, in record-time.

  • FSL
    Available before 8 am
  • LM2S / Sur Mesure
    Tailor-made service
  • LM2S / Securite
    Security & Quality
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • LM2S / Tracking
    Tracking & tracing
  • LM2S / Réseau étendu
    Delivery throughout France

The CSI advantages:

  • Economic advantages:

    • Respect of the SLA;
    • Improved availability of repaired equipment;
    • Optimisation of engineers scheduling;
    • Reduction of intervention time;
    • Control of your stock management.

  • Operational benefits:

    • Coverage of the whole of France;
    • Early delivery of your parts;
    • Tracking of your parcels in real time;
    • Reverse logistics;
    • No need to travel: your parts are delivered to your branches;
    • Regional and national management support tool;
    • No more delay of intervention at 99%.