Maintenance and spare parts : LM2S meets the challenges of logistic optimisation

The magazine VoxLog, media of logistics and supply chain gave us the floor. Find the content of the article below or on the VoxLog website.

As a specialised provider of maintenance logistics, LM2S places operational performance at the heart of its development.

LM2S has modelled the most reliable night transport network possible, which today shows one of the best compromises between the cost per parcel and the availability of parts on D+1, as early as 8am.

LM2S customers know it well, the maintenance technicians have a busy schedule. They do field interventions one after the other, planned or not, and daily car journeys.

A not sufficiently optimized schedule or a spare part which arrives too late, means taking the risk of missing a planned intervention and making a customer dissatisfied with the contractual after-sales service!

For its customers, LM2S practices the difficult balance of the just-in-time flow: the service provider studies with its customer the right quantity of parts to be stored, everywhere in France and LM2S commits itself to send the technician the right part, at the right time, traced through its own IT tool “LMLine”, which also allows the automatic triggering of the restocking of the shipped part.

The objective for all: to obtain a high rate of resolution in the first intervention – the famous “First Time Fix Rate” -; the technician must, imperatively on D+1 of the diagnosis, have the spare parts necessary for his various interventions and meet the commitment made.

A few weeks before Black Friday and the end of the year holidays, let the maintenance actors be reassured: LM2S keeps its 100% BtoB policy!

With this 100% BtoB policy, LM2S has just established a 360° Supply Chain partnership over three years with SODATEC (installer and integrator in the fields of electronic payments), which started at the beginning of the summer 2022. LM2S provides a completely integrated logistics with the outsourcing of their central stock, coming from Angoulême (16), to Aulnay-Sous-Bois (LM2S national hub – 93), with the immediate benefit of being able to destock until 9:30 pm, while benefiting from a distribution of technical parts in PUDO® in D+1 8:00 am with more than 99% quality; and the deployment of FSL everywhere in France in order to answer their H2/H4 contracts in 24/7.

LM2S also accompanies its customers on value-added services such as masterisation (customisation of equipment), testing or swapping of parts.

The maintenance logistics has its business expert: the technicians increase their number of interventions, improve their average operation times, and the activity of the final customer is enhanced.